EP. 30 | CHARLEY BARNES ON rejections as a first time writer

The one thing that I felt I handled well were all the rejections to the book, but I think the reason why was because I wasn’t yet seriously considering myself as a writer. Rejection felt inevitable.

charley barnes

When Charley Barnes got ready to publish her first-ever novel – Intention, a psychological thriller – she had no expectations whatsoever. In fact, she was the first one surprised to see that she managed to find a publisher in less than a year.

When we start our writing careers, it is not unusual to expect more than acceptances (and it is no wonder, since novel writers have to get through many rejections before landing their first publishing contract). However, you can see this as Charley did: an opportunity to explore different avenues for your book (finding an agent, traditional publishing, indie publishing, etc.) And above all, don’t despair! Every rejection is a step closer to that final acceptance.

Listen to this extract to find advice on:

  • Unpacking rejections as the start of your writing career
  • Having a laid-back attitude towards rejections in writing

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