EP. 31 | INÉS G. LABARTA ON rejections as part of the writing process

Rejection is a normal part of the writing process, so if you’re getting rejections it means you’re doing the right work, keep sending stuff out and don’t be afraid of talking about it


Writers get rejected constantly, no matter the point of their career they are at. In fact, getting rejected is a good thing: it means you are producing and sending writing out to the world. And this is already a big accomplishment.

The thing with rejections – they can be uncomfortable, irritating, sad… we don’t generally like to talk about them. We are used to sharing our successes – but the rejections? Who wants to share those?

That said, if you were to meet with a group of writers and started sharing your rejection stories, everyone would be able to add their own. What is more, by talking about the experience of being rejected with peers we realise that our experiences are far from uncommon – and it helps to know we are not the only ones struggling to find a place for a piece we care about.

In this episode, Inés talks about how she started sharing her rejection stories with her writing community – and how this helped demystify them. They are all not that special – everyone gets them!

Listen to this extract to find advice on:

  • Sharing rejections with your peers.
  • Rejections as part of the writing process.

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