Ep. 1 | Sarah Gavron

Writers and artists have the right to tell the stories that aren’t their own … and to write about things they are not familiar with.

Fancy a quick trip to India? And how about one of the smallest villages in Greenland, surrounded by icy mountains, that can only be accessed by boat or plane?

Our guest today is Sarah Gavron, the film director behind works such as Brick Lane, Suffragette and the documentary Village at the End of the World. In this interview we talk about how important it is for artists to travel and encounter other cultures. We discuss how we can access these different cultures to tell stories about them (even if we are outsiders) while still avoiding cliché and cultural appropriation. The truth is, audiences seem to connect with characters and realities that are very different from their own, which is why I absolutely loved (and could relate to) the dreams and struggles of a community in the tiniest village in Greenland …

Connect with Sarah:


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