Ep. 20 | Lisa Blower on fitting your writing around your day job

I swim in the morning and i try to get back to the house by quarter to nine, i make a big pot of coffee, i read what i wrote yesterday and then i’ll write as much as i can before i have to be zoom-ready for a meeting or whatever is coming up that day.

lisa blower

Only a few authors have the luxury to dedicate all their time to their craft. For most of us, writing is something we do around other jobs. In this episode, Lisa talks about how she fits her writing around her academic career. You don’t need to have a very strict writing routine to be successful!

Listen to this extract to find advice on:

  • Writing around a day-time job
  • Tips on having a writing routine that’s flexible around other commitments.

I’d love to say i have a writing routine, but i don’t, i write very sporadically.

lisa blower

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