EP. 16 | charley barnes on publishing crime fiction

In terms of deciding which publishers to approach I tried to research books I felt my book could sit alongside… if the publishers were accepting unagented submissions I’d approach them directly and if not I’d look for the agent that had represented that book on the first instance… That got me into the habit of sending submissions out on regular basis and checking submission guidelines.

charley barnes

Charley started writing crime fiction while doing a Creative Writing PhD and since then she’s authored many books including Intention, Copycat and her most recent one to this date Sincerely, Yours. When looking for a publisher for her very first novel, Charley knew they had to be someone who were working with crime fiction specifically. She ended finding a very good fit in Bloodhound Books and has worked with them for many years now.

Listen to this extract to find advice on:

  • Publishing crime fiction
  • Forming a long-term relationship with a publisher
  • Publishing without having an agent

Connect with Charley:

Website / Twitter / Instagram

The Wandering Bard podcast is also available on Spotify. You can also find us on Twitter at @TheWBmag.

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