EP. 15 | caitlin stobie on publishing poetry and academic work

With my poetry collection… I’d send it to places and they’d say it wasn’t quite right but then they would give some really nice feedback… and that’s what kept me going, because they actually took the time to tell me that so that probably is a good sign.

caitlin stobie

Caitlin Stobie chose to develop her writing career in different fields, including poetry and academia. In this episode she shares what she’s learned from working with editors and publications in both areas. She also gives us advice on approaching publishers informally before you send them your work. Watch out for Caitlin’s debut poetry collection, Thin Slices, which will be published by Verve Poetry Press in 2022!

Listen to this extract to find advice on:

  • Develop your writing career in and outside academia.
  • Approaching publisher informally.
  • How to research the best places to submit your work to.

You shouldn’t be scared of having an informal chat with publishers before sending them something.

caitlin stobie

Connect with Caitlin:

Website / Twitter / Instagram

The Wandering Bard podcast is also available on Spotify. You can also find us on Twitter at @TheWBmag.

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