EP. 28 | ROB M FRANCIS ON the rejection limbo

The thing that bothers me most about rejection are the publishers and editors that don’t bother with replying to the writers that have put their heart and soul into something and sent it off… the other thing that is quite frustrating about the experience is that of time. It can take as long as six months or even longer in some occasions to get a rejection. You’re in this kind of weird limbo.

rob m francis

One of the most frustrating parts about sending your writing out is waiting (often many months) before knowing if publishers want to give the work a chance or not. Yes, the publishing industry moves at a glacial pace (since writing the book is the first in a series of long and complex steps to get it on bookshops, especially if you are going the traditional route). But waiting months to hear a rejection (or getting silence as the only answer) is actually a very common experience for all sorts of writers. Welcome to (in Rob’s words) the writing limbo.

Listen to this extract to find advice on:

  • Facing rejection at the start of your writing career (hint: you’ll have to get used to it!)
  • Good practice as an editor handling rejections.

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