EP. 23 | CHARLEY BARNES ON using writing time as a reward

There are some days when working on fiction becomes my reward system around getting X amount of jobs done from the day-job list.

charley barnes

When you have to combine your writing career with another job, the usual struggle is to carve the time out to focus on your craft. Most of us will try to start writing before the start of our day job. But what if we did things the other way around?

For crime author and Creative Writing lecturer Charley Barnes, her precious writing time is the reward after a hard day at work. Delaying the ‘pleasure’ (we know it doesn’t always feel like that!) of sitting at the desk to focus on her own fiction projects seems to help her productivity and motivation. Have you ever tried something similar?

Listen to this extract to find advice on:

  • Being a writer and a Creative Writing lecturer
  • Finding motivation to sit down to write after working on your day job

Connect with Charley:

Website / Twitter / Instagram

The Wandering Bard podcast is also available on Spotify. You can also find us on Twitter at @TheWBmag.

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