EP. 17 | Inés G. Labarta on publishing as a multilingual writer

if i look back to all the things i published… i realise that there was a previous connection with the publisher beyond me just sending them my work. for example, a publisher was looking for something and a friend of mine knew i was working on something similar so they recommended me.

Inés g labarta

Inés G Labarta started writing in Spanish but she switched to English when she moved to the UK. She has had a multilingual writing career since then publishing novellas in English – McTavish Manor – and in Spanish – Kabuki. In this extract, Inés discusses how to write in a langue that is not your mother tongue and how to find publishers in different countries.

Listen to this extract to find advice on:

  • Publishing novellas
  • Working on a writing career in multiple languages
  • Using social media to help your publishing journey

with publishing is very important to be always sending things out while working on something else.

Inés g labarta

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