Ep. 9 | Jen Allen and Jay Fortune

One of the reasons we move so much is that we look at the communities … when we moved to Devon, there was a community of creative people there already that we joined and there was a lot of opportunity there so we took advantage of that … and when we moved up here, there was a community, too … the biggest gathering of magicians in the whole of the world … and in Las Vegas we have a big community, friends and people we like there … also, and this is going to sound very selfish, is moving to a community where you have more to learn from people who are already there.

Let’s take a tour around Blackpool, a sea-side resort in the northwest of England full of quirky little places and a vibrant art scene…

Jen Allen and Jay Fortune are a multi-talented couple that was introduced to us via Marja Lingsma, a podcast guest from our first season. Jen is a fine artist and speed painter, and Jay is a writer, magician and illustrator. They share their travels with us, from living in London to the quiet countryside in Devon. From touring the world, via cruises to Las Vegas to the world capital of magic: Blackpool.

Jen and Jay were incredibly generous with me as they showed me around Blackpool and treated me for tea at The Regent – a hybrid between antique shop, old-style cinema and tearoom with seaside views. They also gave me a tour around their house, which is full of art and magic in every corner – someone should actually film a fantasy movie there – and even made me dinner. We also discussed the life of the artist – what it takes to “make it”, discipline and having priorities right.

Connect with Jen and Jay

Jen’s website / Jen’s instagram / Jen’s facebook page / Jen’s twitter / Jen’s YouTube channel

Jay’s website / Jay’s instagram / Jay’s facebook page

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