Ep. 11 | Ellie Moore

I paint a lot of the landscapes that I see as I’m hiking … sometimes it’s the view I get from the summit but other times it’s little tiny details, small landscapes that are kind of hidden. It always strikes me that as you climb the mountain, there are various different stages to it and the landscape changes really dramatically as you’re going up and it doesn’t feel like a straight uphill.

I met Ellie Moore on the misty peaks of the Lake District while we fought against the rain and the wind to keep a conversation about our common interests: writing, painting, Scotland, the 18th century and the Jacobites…

Ellie Moore, based in Yorkshire, has been painting and exhibiting her work since an early age. She went to study art in Florence before studying Fine Arts and Creative Writing at Lancaster University. She has organised exhibitions with another podcast guest, Jessica Elleray. Through her intricate miniatures and vibrant landscapes, Ellie shows her love for hiking and nature. Her large-scale paintings, such as The Aurelians – a recreation of an 18th-century room that, thanks to the magic of perspective, invites the viewer to step inside – serve as a link between her art and the stories she wants to tell through writing.

In this interview Ellie and I discuss the connections between writing and painting. We also talk about how travelling and, more specifically, walking, influences the creative process.

The Aurelians, by Ellie Moore

Connect with Ellie:

Website / Facebook Page

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