Ep. 4 | Geoff Rushton

I like the idea of leaving work in the landscape … creating something where it has fallen, where the environment has nurtured it, and leaving it there for people to randomly stumble accross.

Want to take a hike through the beautifully desolate landscape of North Yorkshire?

That’s where artist and sculptor Geoff Rushton took me one stormy day in October 2017. But, first of all, let me tell you the story of how I met him. One day someone told me about this artist who lived in a yurt in the middle of the woods. And as soon as I heard this, I knew I had to interview this person. So I got in touch with Geoff, and he was really kind, and he invited me to see his yurt. I took a train and went all the way to North Yorkshire. I got to see the yurt – which is really beautiful and majestic and as dreamlike as you are imagining right now – and also his studio. I love seeing where other artists work, I feel it’s a privilege. In this interview, we focus on the idea of places and landscape and how important these can be for an artist, since they shape not only the creative process but also the artwork itself.

Geoff pic 1
Geoff’s yurt (Source: Inés G. Labarta).
Geoff pic 2
Geoff’s studio (Source: Inés G. Labarta).
Geoff pic 3
Geoff’s studio (Source: Inés G. Labarta).

Connect with Geoff

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